About Us

Naturopathic medicine promotes wellness by using natural therapies to restore health and overall quality of life.

KATY LAWRYK ONLINE NATUROPATH + DISPENSARY, specialises in natural methods of health care, supplementation, herbal medicine, nutrition, and exercise science, to ensure that you receive the health outcomes you need.

By combining therapies and modalities we will work with you to holistically reset, reboot and re-nourish you from the inside out. With 10 years of health-based education, career and clinical experience, our practitioner Katy Lawryk develops individually tailored treatment plans which incorporate diet and lifestyle modifications, nutritional medicine, and functional testing.

We aim to treat the root cause of your health concerns, not just the symptoms and empower you to take charge of your health and become your own best health advisor.

If you are suffering from any mild ailments such as cold and flu, or are in need of general immune support our Katy can provide Naturopathic advice to formulate customised remedies from herbal tinctures, compounded amino acids and nutrients, homeopathic remedies, creams and ointments, vitamins and high-grade quality practitioner only supplements.

For dispensary services please book an Acute Care & Dispensary Consultation.

What Can Naturopathy help with?

Women's Health - Fertility health, pregnancy health, hormonal imbalances leading to fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, erratic, missing, heavy and/or painful menstrual and ovulation cycles, breast tenderness and overall breast health, decreased libido, painful intercourse, weight gain, decreased cognitive health, PMS, anxiety, depression, thyroid dysfunction, & osteoporosis. Men's Health - hormonal imbalances leading to fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain, decreased sexual performance, inability to maintain muscle mass, depression, anxiety, diabetes, metabolic and cardiovascular disease.

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Initial Naturopathic Consultation

INITIAL $195/ 75-minutes

(for all new clients)

This consultation involves a detailed assessment of diet, lifestyle, health, family background, medical treatments and more so our practitioner can assess your current health challenges and deliver a treatment protocol to get you on the road to optimal health. This consultaton is also suitable for general/ symptomatic treatment of a specific illness or dysfunction. From this consult, your practitioner will provide you with a personalised naturopathic prescription, designed to support your body through the healing process, using herbal and nutritional supplementation, high strength and quality practitioner-only products, as well as basic dietary and lifestyle interventions.


Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation

1ST FOLLOW UP $150/ 60-minutes

(for existing clients only) 

During your 1st follow up consultation your Naturopath will discuss the findings from your initial consultation, and deliver and direct you through your personalised naturopathic prescription. During this consultation, you will discuss your Naturopaths recommended guidelines and expectations to follow to help you reach your health goals.

ONGOING FOLLOW UP $90/ 45-minutes 

(for existing clients only) 

On-going follow up consultations assess your progress, refine your personalised naturopathic prescription, offer advice, support, and address any other health challenges that may arise.


Free Naturopathic Assessment

ASSESSMENT Complimentary/ 15-minutes

(for new clients only) 

To discover if Katy is the right health care practitioner for your needs book a Free Naturopathic Assessment. These appointments are available at our clinic, or can be done over phone or video.

DISPENSARY Complimentary/ 15-minutes 

(for new and existing clients)

If you are suffering from any mild ailments such as cold and flu, digestive, sleep, and stress issues, pain management, or are in need of general immune support book a Acute Care & Dispensary Consultation to have our Naturopath formulate custom remedies that can be delivered to you.



Can not speak highly enough of Katy Lawryk Naturopath. Katy has helped me switch on parts of my body that have been dormant for many years and given me back my sparkle with her immense knowledge, support and encouragement. 


Katy and Emma are nothing short of amazing. They provide an consistent service of support for your body and mind. The products that are stocked are all in integrity with their values, and standard of care, which is the best I have come across in the health industry. You are in great hands if you choose to stop by.


Katy has helped so much with getting my health kicked into gear! Everyone important in my life has commented on how much healthier I look and how much happier I seem. So much gratitude!